Inner Smile Meditation





Inner Smile Meditation

  Ancient sages and healers took our natural, healthful habits and tinkered with them until they had a purposeful meditation utilizing the healing and harmonizing power of the humor and smiling. This Inner Smile Meditation focuses smiling energy onto the 3 Dantians and the 5 yin organs of Chinese medicine.  

The Three Dantians are three levels of power and consciousness in our bodies. The Upper Dantian is our center or thinking. The middle Dantain is our center of emotions, and the Lower Dantain is our center of instinctive, gut feeling, awareness. This meditation not only focuses on these core centers of our body but it also connects them to each other through our inner, center line of energy.

3 Dantians 2

The 5 yin organs are the core organs of our body according to Chinese medicine. They are affected by the weather of the seasons and negative emotions throw them off. The inner Smile meditation helps release these negative emotions and bring in fresh smiling energy to nurture and invigorate these yin organs.




Inner Smile Meditation

The following 2 part video covers 1) instructions and theory on how to do the meditaition 2) reviews the meditation, step by step.

Part 1) Inner Smile Introduction:

Inner Smile Meditation focused smiling energy on the 3 Dantians and the 5 yin organs of the body. Smiling, even breath, sighing breath and acutouch are the major techniques used.



Part 2 Inner Smiling Meditation

This video will take you, step by step, through the meditation.